Patient Zero: IRL Shooter set to be the biggest Australian Crowdfunded campaign

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Following the massive success of Patient Zero: IRL Shooter in Melbourne, IRL Shooter is coming to Sydney!

For those who are unaware, IRL Shooter was a crowd funded event in Melbourne where select people played a horror themed Live Action FPS featuring zombies (aka real people shambling towards you with film grade makeup) with realistic laser tag guns and scoring. You can play as a squad of 6 of your friends in what is certainly the most extravagant game of laser tag ever conceived. They asked for $10,000 (AUD) and received $243,480 as part of their campaign. Following this success, they have decided to make a bigger and better IRL shooter in Sydney.

The video above is from last year in August. The scope was impressive then, but the Sydney Patient Zero promises to be even more realistic. This is no 2 bit operation to begin with, we are talking scores of real actors, movie primed lighting, guns with realistic loading and firing, and an actual story to boot. At the time of writing, the current crowd funding for Patient Zero Sydney Has reached over $60,000 (AUD) of its one million dollar target. The teaser trailer below was also released today, showcasing the new sidearm weapons and ‘pain belt’ which lets players experience pain when injured.

I have only one question for the creators of IRL shooter. Are there conditions in which you can lose the game? Do you just get eaten by a bunch of zombie performance artists? In any case, this looks amazing and if I didn’t have to be in Sydney to experience it, I’d be lining up already.

Last Updated: December 17, 2013

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