PayDay 2’s micro-transactions get even worse

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PayDay 2’s core users are still terribly upset with developer Overkill. The introduction of what’s seen as a “pay to win” micro-transaction mechanic has gone right up fans’ nostrils. Overkill later amended it so that there are chances of random drops of the sacred drill, but people are still, rightfully, incensed. Doesn’t matter how angry they are, because Overkill’s not removing drills – on account of all the money they’re rolling in as a result.

Well, Overkill is making it better. I am, of course talking about their profit margins, and not the game and its microtransactions, because they’re managing to make it worse.

The latest update introduces “Team Boosts.” That makes sense, as the game is a team-based one. Team boost will give cash and XP bonuses to everybody you complete a heist with – and the more players on the team who have the boost, the better the rewards. Stacking!

How do you get these boosts? If you said “Buy them!” You’d only be half-right. While you can’t buy boost outright, they are tied to the game’s arcane weapon skin system which requires you to pay for drills to unlock.

There’s another upsetting bit to the update. There’s a new “Completely Overkill” safe given out to those who purchased last year’s Completely Overkill pack – but its randomness is upsetting people, with some who’ve paid getting high-end items and useful perks, with others getting Charlie Brown’s Halloween rocks.

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It’s caused so much ire that the game’s Steam forum moderators have gone on strike until they’ve been given more information.

“We’ve recently being under a great deal of stress after the Crimefest update,” one mod says on the forum. “A number of death threats thrown at us as well as much more heavy moderation needed due to a huge increase in users breaking the rules. We are not paid and have been in a very stressful situation.

“A lot of people will be wondering why we didn’t do this earlier, due to the recent safe release. A lot of things happened and Overkill admitted it wasn’t managed very well. We we’re hoping Overkill would learn from its mistakes regarding the last update and we were hoping they took these into consideration with the COP. We have a lot of issues regarding the release of the COP that shows they have NOT listened to user feedback at all.

“I like to believe that I am not unreasonable but unfortunately the situation constantly degraded. We will no longer refuse to work if we are given a public interview with a member of Overkill. We want to be heard and see what Overkill are willing to do to fix the situation.

“If Overkill decides to let us go as moderators it’s something we are prepared for, I personally cannot sit by when they continue to promote immoral business practices. I felt the skins system needed work but could function. The recent safe update showed against that.”

Overkill, you greedy bastards; you’re ruining your own game.

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Last Updated: November 13, 2015

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