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PC gamers prove once again why they are the elite of the videogame community

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After seeing the announcement that Terraria would be coming to PSN and XBLA I felt happy and pleasantly surprised. I planned on writing a nice little article about it celebrating the good news. This morning however, I came across an article on The Escapist that completely shocked and disgusted me. Here’s why.

Re-logic, developers of Terraria teased a big announcement on Monday and got an overall positive response, fans were obviously excited to know what it was. It appears now that those were only selfish individuals hoping that they would get even more content for the PC platform. The moment that Re-logic broke the news that their game was heading for console, PC gamers went absolutely batcrap crazy. I don’t know why it still surprises me that PC gamers can be so bluntly idiotic and ungrateful and disrespectful towards people that have brought them hours and hours of gametime for just a mere $9.99 (R81.57).

The game was released in May 2011, meaning that PC gamers had the game all to themselves for well over a year. Now that the game will be released for console gamers, PC gamers have spewed filth all over Terraria’s Facebook page and still haven’t stopped. There are almost 2000 comments of people calling the developers “dicks” and cursing at them, telling them how they messed up.

One comment reads: [quote]Fuck you redigit you peice of shit….. i bet this was what was going through his mind towards computer people “ha you know all that content that you guys wanted….. yeah no im not giving that to you, nope if you want any new content you have to buy the fucking game all over again on the fucking xbox or playstation, lol u mad fans? well fuck you guys” yeah officially you are the biggest peice of shit in internet history you fuck, i love how you pick a sad day in american history to make everyone pissed the fuck off at the same time.[/quote]

Here’s a tip guy, learn to spell before you go cussing at developers who have given blood, sweat and tears to break into the industry and bring YOU something to enjoy and spend hundreds of hours of your life doing. If you are unhappy or feel betrayed, why not just express it in a decent manner? Why do PC gamers always feel the need to go overboard and demonstrate the worst possible behaviour? This is not how you treat anybody, let alone people who are brave enough to dedicate their life to adding to yours.

Luckily there have been some positive comments from gamers who find the outrage just as disgusting as I do, thanking the developers for their hard work and brining the games to other platforms. I can only hope that more gamers will join in and share the sentiment that this is of course a good move on Re-logic’s part, and stomp out the scum of the videogame community.

Last Updated: September 12, 2012

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