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Peggle 2 delayed until December

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Man, these launch titles have been dropping like flies! Now it’s Xbox One that’s losing a day one launch title in the form of physics puzzler, Peggle 2.

PopCap, the developers of Peggle 2, explained:

“Peggle 2 is a ‘launch timeframe’ title. But [it] will not launch day-and-date with the Xbox One — instead, it will become available a few weeks later in December.”

Peggle looked awesome when Geoff got to play with it at Gamescom – it looked like a fun, addictive launch title for the Xbox One. Now, Xbox One early adopters will have to wait a few weeks to shoot balls at pegs. I wonder how this will affect its rollout on other platforms; Peggle 2 is a timed exclusive for Xbox One – will this change that timing at all?

Seriously people, was no one prepared for these launch day dates? I’m beginning to wonder whether these dates were in the pipeline from the beginning, or if Sony and Microsoft jumped the gun. But let’s be honest, people who buy consoles on day one aren’t in it for the awesome launch games – they just have to be first to get the awesome new gadget.

Last Updated: November 4, 2013

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