Penny Arcade Branching out?

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It seems Gabe and Tycho have decided they are no longer happy just drawing awesome cartoons and making some comments on the gaming industry, they seem to have decided to lash out against all the long standing institutions..

This week it is Mark Rein’s turn for a tongue… err keyboard lashing. After Tycho, rightfully, pointed out that the whole PS3 Unreal Tournament Mod issue was flawed Mark Rein decided to email them to clarify what is actually happening.

Well that didn’t do anything to calm Tycho down and he has gone on a 2 page rant about developers releasing unfinished games and then boasting about the fact that they can now be patched.

I have to agree with him on this one, it is becoming the norm to rather wait until the first patch is released before buying a game, which is idiotic to say the least.

It’s about time the developers started getting some real feedback… Follow the link to read the entire story.

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Last Updated: December 27, 2007

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