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Penny-Arcade Home

Penny Arcade may be one of the best comics on the Internet (next to Cyanide and Happiness) but as far as impartial gaming critics go I think they are pretty far down the list.

These are the guys with two Xbox 360 games remember… However that being said their complaints about Home are pretty much what everyone else is saying and if you like their writing click through at the bottom to read their review.

To sum up what the world is saying at the moment, Home is completely saturated with sex fiends, weirdo’s, creeps and freaks. But that is to be expected with any ‘life simulator’ so lets not harp on that.

What I really want to raise is the fact that you are honestly and seriously expected to queue to get your chance at bowling or some crappy arcade game. I am serious, you are expected to stand in line (while people fling insults and sexual innuendo your way) and wait in a virtual world for a virtual game that you can just play on your browser (embedded in your PS3) instead.

So far the local feedback for Home has been pathetic to say the least. The general feeling is that the first time people are in Home they spend the entire time downloading the rooms and then leave as they are done.

If someone has a review of how good Home is I would love to take a look and publish it if it has valid and defendable points.

Source: Penny-Arcade

Last Updated: December 15, 2008

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