More people are playing Rainbow Six Siege than when the game launched

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I’ve been telling everyone who’ll lend an ear (and even some who won’t) that Ubisoft’s most recent Rainbow Six, Siege, is easily one of the best multiplayer shooters that’s been released this generation. Its biggest problem was one of perception. People wanted and expected a good single player campaign, but the lack thereof has meant many have opted to skip it. In my opinion, they’ve cut off their noses to spite their faces.

It’s odd how a game like Overwatch has been nearly universally loved, despite being as anaemic on content – but I digress.

The handful of people I’ve convinced to play it still play it now, 8 months after launch. Where I originally thought Ubisoft had released the game to die, they’re continually updating and improving the game. I’m not the only one who feels that Rainbow Six Siege was overlooked. Vice Gaming’s Jake Tucker opines that “‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Might Be the Best Multiplayer Shooter, Ever


Here’s what he says:

“Six is a first person shooter for the MOBA generation—highly complex, super adaptable, and incredibly fast. In return for my investment over the course of eight months, I’ve rarely played a round that was anywhere similar to one that’s come before. I’ve seen strategies reworked to account for every new trick we’ve found, and each week a handful of new ideas are spread on the subreddit that functions as the game’s official community, plans that most people haven’t thought of before.

With voice comms active and four friends ready to fill in as eager teammates, Rainbow Six Siege is the finest multiplayer game I’ve ever played. Almost everyone I have encouraged to get into it has and continues to love it. It’s not the newest shooter on the market, or the prettiest, or the most popular, but it’s the one that I can’t quit going back to. It’s just that good. You should probably get it, too.”

Thankfully, it seems like people are slowly starting to take note of just how damned good the game is. According to IGN, there are more people playing the game now than when it launched – which is usually the opposite of how things go.


Since last week’s release of the Skull Rain update, the game’s seen a 40% spike in daily users. And the game will continue to be refined and polished.

“We invest in Rainbow Six Siege as we would invest in our own home – we check the pipes, the foundations and everything else,” said creative director Xavier Marquis. “That’s because we are here to stay.”

Last Updated: August 11, 2016

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