Pervert Used Call of Duty to Get Get Underage Boy Nudie Pics

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If you were a sick bastard potential child molester with a penchant for looking at pictures of underage boys’ willies, how would you get your fix?

In a bid to get his own stimulus package, Jonathan Prime, a 20 year old from New Jersey convinced a quartet of young teenage boys to send him pictures of their fiddly bits, saying they were a prerequisite for membership in his Call of Duty : World at War clan.

The pervert now faces four felony counts of “communication with a minor for immoral purposes.” With previous a previous conviction on child porn charges in his home state of Seattle, his prognosis isn’t too good.  He’s currently in jail on $25,000 bond, but his eventual punishment is likely to leave him clutching a teddy bear and calling for his mom.

Authorities say Prime met victims online while playing the aforementioned shooter – an M-rated game, by the way -  “groomed” them, managed to elicit the pictures from some, and even got one to call him up and have phone sex. When “Confronted by investigators, Prime claimed he believed the boys to be 14 or 15.”

While children should obviously not be flashing their junk about, and this pervert deserves all that’s coming his way, the parents are to blame here too. Not only should they not have been allowed to play a game with an adult rating, their online communications should be monitored. These kids also need to be educated that distributing pictures of their genitals is not ok.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m starting a gaming clam clan for women. Ladies, all you need to do for entry is send me delicious pictures of your boobs. Over 18’s only, please. I have no intentions of being corn-holed in prison.

Source : SeattlePi

Last Updated: June 7, 2010

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