PES 2014 will “blur the line between the sport and simulation”

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If you fancy yourself some footie games then you’ll be happy to know Havok has set out to provide enhanced physics and animations in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

Arnaud Saint-Martin, Asia Regional Director at Havok has said that the team is dedicated to “pushing the boundaries” of what can be done in a football game.

“We think football fans will appreciate how Havok technology will blur the line between the sport and simulation, and provide a football experience that looks as real as can be.”, he said.

PES 2014 will offer enhanced Havok Physics and Cloth Technology where each on-field player will be simulated. Their movements will be naturally represented according to their mass and physique.

Now I’ve watched the above video in HD and I don’t really see these enhanced physics and animations, but I’m no football game expert. What say you? Does this look like the best football game heading our way?

Last Updated: July 19, 2013

  • Hammersteyn

    The problem with yearly releases is that they all tend to look the same which creates the effect as illustrated below.

    • samuel

      but pes 2014 will be different, its got a new engine, its FIFA who you are relating that pic to, its full of the same crap every year.

      • Hammersteyn

        My mistake 🙂

    • Trevor Davies

      But now it has realistic physics. No longer will a full grown 80kg man be blown down by a puff of air moving at 1m/hr.

      • Gert Malan

        You’re wrong on that account. In real life full grown 80kg men do fall down at the slightest breeze. It’s called diving.

    • Brenz

      lol that explains it exactly.
      they all the same old same old.
      I dont see what they are so excited about with this engine, still looks like the last cat they let out the bag.

  • bluegoon

    I want to “blur the line” between me and Olivia Wilde. JK JK I LOVE MY FIANCE!!!!

  • Tbone187

    PES 2013 made huge strides in physics and mechanics…and this looks to have taken it a step further…The tackling looks amazingly realistic…

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