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PES7 Possible In Game Graphics

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 There has been a lot of media surrounding the new Winning Eleven graphics especially on the PS3.

It is rumoured that the PS3 version will be much better than the Xbox 360 version and will take up 18Gb on that infamous BluRay disc.

Obviously the Xbox 360 version will not be able to have 18Gb so it is rumoured to look quite a bit worse.

However that image to the left is rumoured to be the fantastic ingame graphics… I am monumentally disappointed if that is the case. Yeah it’s not terrible but I don’t think I would ever have noticed it if it hadn’t been shouted all over the Internet… Really it doesn’t compare to the current next Gen graphics and if that is what 18Gb of HD data gives you then I am not impressed.

Granted it looks better when you see it full screen (click on the image) but they arms are not even close to looking realistic…

Link to Winning Eleven Next-Gen: Possible In Game Graphics….

Last Updated: May 21, 2007

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