PETA takes on Super Meat Boy – Super Tofu Boy is born

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PETA can do some pretty crazy things at time, but this is both crazy and kind of cool. I have to admit, when I played Super Meat Boy I thought to myself that hippy vegetarians and the likes would probably play the game with their stomachs churning. Then I stumbled upon a pretty hilarious interview with Team Meat, one half of which expressed their love for killing small animals. He was joking – I’m sure.

So with all this focus on meat, animal slaughter and loads of blood, it’s no surprise that PETA’s ears pricked up. They have responded, but not with their typical condemnation. Instead they’ve made their own game: Super Tofu Boy. You know what? Apparently Tofu Boy is better in bed than Meat Boy because Bandage Girl has left Meat Boy and run off with Tofu instead, thus proving the vegetarian mantra of: “once you go bean curd, you never go back” – or something.

Here’s the description of the game according to its creators, Team Tofu:

“Meat Boy is a vengeful, bloody cube of rotting animal flesh. And he smells. After a short-lived fling with Bandage Girl (sympathy dates, really), he became enraged when he was dumped for the tasty and satisfying Tofu Boy. Once Bandage Girl slept with Tofu Boy and saw all that he had to offer, it was bye-bye beef, hello bean curd. Enraged by his loss and lack of ability to compete with the badass that is Tofu Boy, Meat Boy snapped and kidnapped Bandage Girl-because if he can’t have her, no one will.”

You can play the game via PETA’s website. Its control scheme doesn’t come remotely close to the polished level of Super Meat Boy’s, but it’s a good effort nonetheless.

Naturally, Team Meat has responded to PETA’s game with the following from their Twitter account:

Hats off to both sides for being good sports about the whole thing.

Source: PETA [via Kotaku]

Last Updated: December 2, 2010

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