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Peter Molyneux’s Cube conundrum begins today

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People are inherently curious. If it wasn’t for that, we’d most likely never have discovered several breakthroughs in art, science, culture or what our neighbours look like when they get out of the shower. Peter Molyneux is taking advantage of that genetically encoded search for answers today, as his first title from 22 Cans, Curiosity, launches today.

The idea behind the cube is simple. Tap away at the structure, and reveal a new layer underneath it. Earn coins, buy some equipment, and you’ll blast your way through more blocks. Whoever chips away at the very final block in the massive square, will be the only person to discover just what is inside of it, which the Neux has described as being “life-changing”.

It’s available right now on iOS devices, and I’ve already spent some time chipping away at the cube. But here’s the rub; The damn block is absolutely huge. I started early this morning, and was greeted with a notice that I was the 3861st person to get drawn in, and even with so many people working on it at the same time, the surface has only just begun to show any progress.


So what exactly is waiting inside the cube? Fame and fortune? The secret to immortality? Peter Molyneux doing his best troll face imitation? Nobody knows except the Neux himself. What will be shown to everyone however, are the social statistics of the game, as well as clues to the first proper game that 22 Cans will be releasing.

And I’m hating myself for getting addicted to the damn social experiment. I know, I just know that whatever is inside there, won’t be what I’m thinking or expecting, and I’m already not expecting much.

It’s a grand idea, I’ll give 22 Cans that, but I’ve also got a sneaking suspicion that this just might be a cunningly disguised marketing scheme. And if it, well played Molyneux, well played indeed.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to chip away at more blocks so that I can make another massive dong-shaped dent in the cube.

Last Updated: November 6, 2012

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