Peter Moore Interview

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The guys over at have posted a very nice interview with the boss of the Xbox, Peter Moore.

It’s a good couple of pages long (4) and most of it is not the most entertaining things but some things he has to say about the competition is quite good. He does try to be diplomatic and take pot shots at the same time.

Peter Moore: Well, we have tried to give consumers enough notice on what our intentions are. The PlayStation 2 continues to do well, as you say, and my plaudits go out to Sony on that, but we’ve moved forward.

Nice that he compliments Sony… well kind off at least

Peter Moore: Sony clearly had a shaky start, and I think even they will admit that. I’m a little disturbed from an industry point of view to actually see them available at retail just recently…still sitting on the shelf. I don’t know what that’s telling me. I certainly think Resistance has done a good job for them, but the games that come to mind trail off pretty quickly after that.

So he is not a fan of MotorStorm I take it then?

Head on over to read his thoughts on Blu-Ray, Halo, Achievements, Viva Pinata and more….

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: April 26, 2007

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