Peter Moore Quits Microsoft – EA Boss takes over

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Peter Moore
Well this is some news to wake up to on a Wednesday morning. Microsoft has announced this morning that Peter Moore has quit Microsoft and is moving back to California for personal reasons.

Don Mattrick is taking over.

Mattrick brings 23 years of games industry and development experience to the strong Microsoft management team, having helped bring to life such celebrated game franchises as the “Need for Speed,” “Harry Potter” and “The Sims” while at EA.

That would be the first time I have heard of the Harry Potter games being celebrated.. Need for Speed was quite impressive and I have a personal dislike for The Sims so yeah I am not overly happy.

I guess we are never going to see that MGS4 tattoo on Moore then after all.

Well best wishes to Peter Moore and I hope it all turns out the way you want it. A nice hearty welcome to the Don… Good luck…

[Update] It seems like Peter is taking over at EA Sports so it’s a straight swap between companies

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Last Updated: July 18, 2007

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