Pettiness comes to Steam Greenlight

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Valve has blocked the publication of a game on Steam after the developer opted for using a publisher once it had found one, instead of sticking to Steam Greenlight.  Code Avarice now needs to go back to Steam Greenlight in the hopes of getting enough support, despite their publishing deal with Adult Swim.

In a bizarre twist, Valve is blocking publication of Code Avarice’s game, Paranautical Activity, because they

didn’t want to send the message that indies can seek out publishers to bypass steam greenlight

Are you kidding me?!  So because the developers found someone who wanted to publish their game, they can’t say ‘no thanks’ to Steam Greenlight and still use Steam?  Considering the huge competition on Steam Greenlight, Valve would be happy for any of the developers who manage to find another route to publication.  

Now look, this doesn’t look like my kind of game in the slightest.  That said, it seems really bizarre that Valve would do this.  Let people publish their games, especially if someone else is willing to pay for it!  If you want to hear the developers explain what happened, as well as promote their Steam Greenlight, check out the video.


Last Updated: June 4, 2013

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