Painting the roses red 3

Next generation consoles are almost upon us, and it feels like we are getting small bits of last minute info to keep the excitement going. Like a teaser trailer or pre-announcement poster, it feels a bit like hype building and I’m curious if it works when it comes to consoles instead of GTA V.

Shown off in a couple videos from Microsoft Studios, the new achievements have that flat design Gavin loves oh so much, while keeping the signature sound. Kotaku did an entire article about the new achievements, to which Marc Whitten responded on twitter:

Really? I can pick my own colour? Can it be black like my soul? Or how about red like fiery gamer passion? It’s a nice little feature, and it will add to the customization experience. Plus, if people are playing together and get separate achievements (because the Kinect will know who did what), it will be clear who did what – now to just colour code my friends.

I really am excited for next generation consoles, although I’m still so torn about buying at launch. If I can just control myself a little bit and wait until a few months down the line, I can get extra controllers and games in a nice, cheaper bundle. But those shiny consoles look so good now. And people keep saying stock will be an issue. Damn this console hype train!

Last Updated: October 24, 2013

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