Player unlocks all 2057 World of Warcraft achievements

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South park no life

People have made fun of those who play WoW for many years now. The classic “how does one kill that which has no life” joke from South Park all those years ago is proof. Now, one player has unlocked every achievement in the game.

Russian player, Хируко, has attained every single achievement in World of Warcraft. That’s 2057, plus an additional 205 of the 300 Feats of Strengths available. I suppose now he must just twiddle his thumbs until the next expansion (Warlords of Draenor) lands. Just look at this progress overview:

Achievment progress

I find this kind of dedication equal parts impressive and terrifying. I will admit, I love the ding of getting a trophy/achievement. It is strangely gratifying to see that some achievements I gained for Civ V are shared with less than 1% of people who play the game. However, I’m not sure I will ever be this much of a completionist. I may like getting trophies, and occasionally do things over and above my normal style of gameplay in order to get them, but I wouldn’t go this far.

Are you discouraged or encouraged by this strange display of achievement dedication? I know that I couldn’t get there – I’m just not that much of an achievement hunter. It does show the limits of MMOs, though. If someone can max out all the content available for WoW, how do games like TESO and WildStar stand a chance?

Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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