Play Bungie’s New Game Before Everyone Else!

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Bungie. Halo progenitors severed ties with Microsoft and committed themselves to a 10 year deal with Activision. They’ll be creating a new IP, a new universe – and this will culminate in a brand new, multiplatform game.

Now they need your help. They’re enlisting the hordes of Bungie devotees to help them playtest their next game. Your missions, should you choose to accept them, would be :

  • Playtests and Usability Testing at Bungie
  • Surveys on game playing habits
  • Alpha and Beta Testing for our next game

Want to know how you can get in? Hit the jump!

It’s quite simple really. All you have to do is :

  1. Sign into your Profile
  2. Navigate to your Profile Page
  3. Select the “Edit Profile” tab and click on the “Profile Info” option below
  4. Check the box for “Updates on how to become a Bungie Beta Tester”
  5. Make sure your Email Status is “Valid/Active”
  6. Make sure your Country and State information are correct
  7. Save your Changes!

Note though that just because you follow these steps, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get in on the beta – but with them needed “hundreds of thousands” of gamers, your chances are pretty good.

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Last Updated: November 19, 2010

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