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Play Halo 4, be banned for life (also stupid install required)

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You may have heard that Halo 4 has been leaked an entire month before its planned release, while it is obviously tempting to play a game so long before your friends it is strongly advised against and even more strongly advised that you don’t play it online.

If you have cracked your Xbox, downloaded the title and played it online expect to receive the following email shortly in your inbox.


If history is anything to go by this ban is indeed permanent can could either be an account ban, you lose your gamertag and points, or a console ban which means your console can never again experience the Live experience.

It’s pretty harsh and entirely fair in my opinion as I have a special place in hell reserved for pirates.

Microsoft screws over their customers

In related and worse Halo 4 news, it has come to light that not only does Halo 4 come on two discs but the second disc contains a mandatory 8Gb installation for online multiplayer.

Now mandatory installs are my pet peeve and shouldn’t ever have been allowed in my humble opinion but what makes this one so much worse is that Microsoft sells a 4Gb Xbox 360 version. Which means that anyone who has bought this 4Gb version who wants to play Microsoft’s biggest game of the year will be forced to buy an overpriced proprietary hard drive.

It’s a disgusting move and one that shouldn’t ever have been allowed.

Last Updated: October 16, 2012

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