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Play The Zone getting demo discs?

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Play The ZoneWe mentioned a little while back that Play the Zone was going multi-platform and now I see that Zombiegamer has been getting some more information out of them.

Well the biggest question going around at the moment is whether or not they are going to be including cover discs anytime soon?

According to Matthew Vice, Editor in Chief of Play the Zone

OK, here’s the deal. What I tell you is true. We are working on the issue of a coverdisk, we get endless amounts of requests for this, so believe me, there’s no way we’re going to forget. Unfortunately, supplying a coverdisk is a lot more involved than most people realize; and it takes a while to set this kind of thing up. Rest assured, we’ll put one on there as soon as we possibly can. Promise.

So that’s a definite maybe then..

One thing’s for sure though, Play The Zone’s new move has put them on a direct collision course for NAG and G.E.A.R magazines.

I don’t think that our local industry can sustain three full magazines so lets sit back and see who falls by the wayside.

Source: Zombiegamer

Last Updated: July 8, 2008

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