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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been played for over 25 000 years, and crossbows still suck

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has some insane statistics 2

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a Steam hit, as Bluehole continues hammering away at the Early Access title for launch (hopefully) later this year. That probably doesn’t matter given the incredible statistics the games has racked up so far, shooting up into the position of most player non-Valve game on Steam since its launch earlier this year. But even that doesn’t really paint a comprehensive enough picture of just how many people are playing this incredibly additive multiplayer game.

What does? How about over 10 million tonnes of chicken dinners? That sound more relatable to you?

Bluehole have shared some statistics around the incredible feats players have pulled off in their game communatively, and it’s rather staggering when you try wrap your mind around it. Players have collectively travelled enough in-game distance to walk between here and Saturn on a return trip, most of which has been done on foot. Vehicles haven’t been left to the wayside though, with your loud instruments of travel also being pretty adept at being killing machines. Nearly 150 million people have died from vehicles, which makes the 1 million from crossbows even more hilarious.

But while archery and its 0.52% kill-rate has no real place in PUBG, assault rifles are king. They account for over half the kills in the entire game, with players correctly favouring the incredibly powerful AKM in most of their hunts. It’s surprising to see the SKS also comfortably outpacing all other sniper rifles, while shotgun numbers peak at around 25 million kills. Overall, there’s just been a lot of death in PUBG, with over 10 million games and 25 000 years of game time accrued.

But were you lucky enough to have had a chicken dinner on your first game? Only one in every six thousand  players get that fortunate, but your first rodeo probably ended as poorly as most of Darryn’s runs. If you have a fetish for high numbers though, check out the full statistics here, and be sure to share some of your best stories below.

Last Updated: August 14, 2017

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