Playing support in Overwatch looks incredibly fun

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Overwatch made a huge splash with its “we’re better than Pixar” cinematic and interesting aesthetic for in-game visuals during debut. The first-person, team-based shooter from the creators of Diablo and StarCraft hasn’t really made a peep since then though – which was all remedied with a long look at one of the support characters you’ll get to play as. And for a support, he looks incredibly offensive.

Zenyatta is an “omnic monk” with a biomechanics makeup, which makes his monk-like features all the more ironic. He’s a support, which means you’ll be busy blasting orbs at teammates to heal them rather than damage other players – although there is a fair amount of offensive attacking prowess in his repertoire.

What I absolutely love the most though is the animations. Seeing Zenyatta’s hands flick, click and come together based on the attacks he uses is magical. It really does a good job of drawing me not only into the game, but the lore behind the character as well. If I’m playing as a weird robotic monk, I want it to feel like that – and Overwatch nails it on the head here.

The online shooter still doesn’t have a released date, and I’m not too sure we’ll get much more at E3. So for now, sit back and take this in – because I have no idea when there’s going to be more. I can say that I’m a smidgen more excited for Overwatch now though.

Last Updated: May 14, 2015

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