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PlayStation 3 at E3… what can we expect to see?

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Sony has launched a website, www.sceainvites.com, which I am guessing was included in the invitations of all the American recipients to E3.

Either way it’s now out in the wild and gives us some insight into what Sony are publically happy to announce that they are showing.

Obviously we expect them to have some big surprises for us again this year but to be honest their public list is also pretty impressive.

So let’s see what we have…

First up is Gran Turismo 5 which means that we can finally get Nick to sit down and give it a spin and help answer that age of question… GT5 or Forza 3?

Then the site moves onto Modnation on the PSP and then quickly over to PS Move Party which apparently is a truly awesome augmented reality party game.

Next onto a panel describing where the conference is going to be then a centre panel showing us all the toys that PlayStation now has. PS3, PSP, Move, PSPGo and Dualshock… note the lack of PS2. And last but not least on the centre block we have the PlayStation PS3 booth.

Onto the last line we see SOCOM , PS3 Move Sports Champions which is obviously Sony’s answer to Wii Sports and then PS Move’s The Shoot. Which looks like a thoroughly enjoyable movie augmented reality title. Where you get to be in the movies.

I have to admit I am very excited about 4 of the tiles and most excited about seeing the elusive GT5 in person.

Last Updated: May 17, 2010

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