PlayStation 3 launches in Brazil… but check the price

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Brazil is one core member of the BRIC group which is the group of developing countries who the first world are most afraid of losing their comfortable economies to.

But while we may not be part of BRIC we are at least miles ahead when it comes to gaming and being up to date with the rest of the gaming world, Brazil has only recently had an official PS2 launch and now the PS3 has finally landed on their shores.

To mark this moment I would like to say

Oh homem que sucções a você

Which translated back to English means

Oh man it sucks to be you*

This is because the RRP for a PS3 in Brazil is R8 226 which is pretty abysmal and there really is no excuse for ripping a country off that badly.

I don’t know why Sony has taken so long to launch in one of the bigger countries in the world but I would guess that now that they are in country the price will start to slowly correct itself over the coming years.

*translation is most probably wrong because I used a free English to Portuguese translator.. you get the idea though

Last Updated: August 12, 2010

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