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PlayStation 4 failure rate is under 1%

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We’ve posted a few articles in the last couple of days on what appeared to be a growing number of complaints around the PlayStation 4’s failure rate. At the time it appeared that the rate was increasing, and it was, and that it may possibly be a much bigger issue than anyone expected.

Originally Sony responded and stated that the current PlayStation 4 failure rate was 0.4% however they had now admitted that due to problems in shipping this rate has now climbed to under 1%.

That’s a remarkably low number that is well within the accepted failure rate band, now obviously no one wants their expensive tech to fail but life happens and Sony has put a solid return and replacement policy in place to ensure consumers aren’t overly affected.

I’m naturally cynical when it comes to companies posting figures like this but at the same time the number of complaints we are seeing online appear to be dropping and not increasing which makes me pretty sure we are not about to see another Xbox 360 RROD issue.

Last Updated: November 20, 2013

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