PlayStation 4 multiplayer isn’t available in all regions

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One of the sneaky announcements Sony made at E3 is that with the PlayStation 4 you are now going to have to pay for online multiplayer gaming. Something Sony fans have held over Xbox 360 fans for the entire current generation.

Personally I have no issue with it and it helps keep servers and patches incoming, that don’t bork the system, so all is good from my side.

But there is a downside, according to a post on the PlayStation blog the online multiplayer features are only accessible to those countries that have an official PlayStation store

Unfortunately at this time gamers in countries which do not have a Store cannot access online multi-player features. However, we are considering every measure to offer PlayStation Store services to these territories as soon as possible. To clarify, the affected territories are: Bahrain, Lebanon, Romania, Oman, Slovakia, Malta, Cyprus and Iceland.

This was posted on the European PlayStation blog so I’m not sure if that’s a complete list or if local countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique will be affected. We however will not as we have an awesome local PlayStation store that is fully stocked and ready to rock.

We also don’t know if gamers in these affected countries will simply be able to sign up for a supported countries account and continue as usual.

But if you are in one of the unsupported countries you may want to check that out before placing your money down on a PlayStation 4.

Last Updated: June 20, 2013

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