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PlayStation 4 update 5.50 brings system-wide supersampling

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The PlayStation 5.50 beta is going out into the wild, which means that people are discovering what new features the newest system software has.

One of the best finds thus far is that the system will be getting system-wide supersampling. Supersampling is a method of anti-aliasing that renders the games you play at higher resolutions than your TV or monitor can handle, and then shrinks it down – with the higher quality image – to fit your lower resolution screen.

The biggest benefit obviously, will be for those who own the PlayStation 4 pro and don’t have a 4K TV. The implementation of this is likely in response to the Xbox One X, which itself has system-wide supersampling for those of us stuck on regular 1080p Tvs. Of course, supersampling does have its downsides, in that it’s not especially efficient. It means that some games may actually see a performance hit when run with supersampling on.

Still, it’s nice to have this in as a system-wide feature. Some games, like Horizon: Zero Dawn have their own implementations of supersampling for lower resolutions TVs.


Last Updated: February 2, 2018

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