So all those who were at rAge this weekend at least got to see a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One even if you didn’t manage to get to play on one.

So now that we have close to first hand knowledge it’s time to chat and see which one you are planning on getting… I’ve jotted down some pro’s and con’s for each console below to help the argument discussion.

PlayStation 4

PS4 with controller-580-100


  • Being released locally this year
  • Cheaper
  • Apparently more powerful
  • PSN+ (Free game library)
  • Touchpad on Controller
  • Vastly Improved Controller
  • Great Dev Support


  • Lack of exciting launch titles
  • Dodgy Headset
  • PS Eye inferior
  • Not backwards compatible with games or accessories

Xbox One



  • Amazing launch titles
  • Haptic triggers on control
  • Xbox Live
  • Kinect included
  • Paid-for exclusives thanks to Microsoft
  • Lots of extra TV features if you live in America or use Unotelly


  • Kinect included
  • More expensive
  • Releases locally next year
  • Can’t stand vertically
  • Not backwards compatible with games or accessories

Now here is the hearsay part, when speaking to most journalists at the Lazygamer party I was very surprised to hear that most of them would prefer to get the Xbox One simply because of the better launch titles and those haptic triggers. 

I personally am not sold on the controller; the triggers are cool and all but I don’t find the controller to be that comfortable with the sharp angles actually being uncomfortable after a while.

But what we really want to know is what you think? Are you Rockefeller and will be getting both or are you going to hold out for the Xbox One or is the temptation of playing next gen games this year just too much to resist?

Last Updated: October 9, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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