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PlayStation CEO insists new games won’t be released into a subscription service

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Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, seems like a dedicated man. The kind of man who knows what he wants and goes out to get it. The kind of man that makes a statement and then follows through on it even when he doesn’t… actually do that. Look, he’s been on the frontlines of marketing the PlayStation 5, saying all kinds of flowery things about both the hardware and software and while some of what he’s said has apparently been forgotten, he’s still adamant that PlayStation will not be offering a subscription service that incorporates new game releases.


That could change, however. Jim Ryan said earlier this year, rather notoriously, that Sony believes in “generational leaps” alluding to reduced backwards compatibility for the PS5 and consistent releases of new exclusives to the next console which was apparently false a load of games announced this week, including Horizon: Forbidden West and Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be available on both PS4 and PS5. Yet Ryan’s adamant that Sony will not be implementing a Game Pass-like system that offers access to day one releases for a monthly subscription.


“We have had this conversation before – we are not going to go down the road of putting new releases titles into a subscription model,” PlayStation boss Jim Ryan told Games Industry.

These games cost many millions of dollars, well over $100 million, to develop. We just don’t see that as sustainable.

Fair point you make there, Ryan. Yet I’m sure plenty of those games Microsoft is planning on dumping in Game Pass cost within the same realm to produce. I guess it would ruin that whole “prestige single-player experience” reputation many of Sony’s exclusives have.

Last Updated: September 18, 2020

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