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PlayStation Home Upgraded – Voice Chat Removed… WTF?

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Shut UpOh wow, PlayStation Home is becoming a perfect example of how to get it all wrong all the time.

First they think it’s a great idea to replicate the annoying fact that we need to wait for things in real life by making us queue to play an arcade game in the system.

But that seems to have been accepted by the die hard fans as being realistic so Sony then decided to take it a step further and force you to download gigatons of data to enjoy home fully.

Well it seems like some people are now complaining about the obvious lag issues that this has caused and Sony have come up with a great solution. They have now patched Home and removed the voice chat ability. Yes removed it, possibly the best point about Home was that you could gather together and discuss your gaming goodness and they went and took it away.

But don’t fear Sony is kind enough to remind us that we can use any USB keyboard to text everyone… something like a mirc channel or maybe a forum?

Apparently it is going to return when they figure out how to get it working properly but for now Sony wins the epic fail award.

Who else thinks it’s about time to put Home out to pasture?

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

Last Updated: December 19, 2008

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