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 I was wandering Joystiq this morning and found this comment posted by an anonymous user about the new Playstation Home concept.

I will never, ever, use this service. The day I have enough time to play a psuedo-MMORPG inside a console, is the day that I give up gaming for good.
Unless they add guns. If I can invade other PS3’s and shoot the users in their “Home” I will be more than happy to do so. Everything is better when you add headshots and mmmmmonster killsssssss

The more I think about Playstation Home the more I think it is a fantastic idea by Sony. I am personally not interested at all in it but then again I have no interest in Second Life or WoW… But millions of other people are.

I think this Home idea is really going to help Sony get those PS3’s moving which is a good thing for all gamers out there.

However this users comment is right up my alley. The thought of being kitted out with some sniper rifles and chainsaws and having a MMOFPS type game going on inside Playstation Home is very appealing. Even if it’s just a once off type of thing.

Could you imagine logging into Home on the 1st of June and your apartment is an armory and everyone is a target. Last man standing wins something and the next day the entire world is put back to the way it was. Man that would make a fantastic game.

However I think it’s a pipe dream really… but dreams are nice 🙂

Oh follow the link to find out how to register for the beta…

Source: Sony launches Playstation Home site for beta interest – Joystiq

Last Updated: March 9, 2007

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