Playstation Move Big In Europe; Less So in US

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Sony’s motion control system, Playstation Move launched last month to respectable, but underwhelming figures in the States. Sony had foreseen this; Unlike Microsoft’s marketing campaign with Kinect, Sony hadn’t engaged in a media blitz expecting incredible launch sales. Instead, they believe the system to have long legs – selling by word of mouth.

According to Wedbush Morgan analysts Michael Pachter and Edward Woo (woo!), Playstation Move has sold 300,000 units in the states since launch, including bundled PS3 systems. Sony says it’s done much, much, much better in European territories.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (which includes the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Europe) boss Andrew House said Playstation Move saw "very significant sales in the first month since launch, somewhere in the region of 1.5 million units for the new controller across just Europe." He even boasted that demand is exceeding supply, stating that "The initial sales response has been so far in excess of our initial plan that we’ll probably be looking at accelerating production."

That’s a heck of a lot of waggle. Strange the disparity that exists between land masses separated by an ocean. Why do you think that is? Too much McDonalds?

As somebody who’s one of the 1,5 million new owners of Playstation Move, I’m pretty impressed; but it still needs it’s killer app a game that’s more than just a tech demo. Sorcery, I’m looking at you.

Source : Gamespot

Last Updated: October 18, 2010

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