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PlayStation Plus comes to the Vita

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What the Vita needs is more content. And it would be even better for new purchasers of the handheld if some of that content came for free. Good news then, as Sony announces that Playstation Plus – its subscription-based loyalty program – will be headed to the Vita. the best bit is that if you’re already a PS+ member, there’ll be no need to subscribe twice.

Here’s what you’ll get on your Vita as a Plus member:

PS Plus Vita features:

  • Games: Plus members get to play the full versions of designated content for PS Vita available on PlayStation Store as long as their membership is effective, at no extra cost.
  • Discounts: Access exclusive discounts on certain PS Vita titles.
  • Online Game Save: Upload game save data for compatible games to Online Cloud Storage, offering up to 1GB of space.
  • Automatic content downloads and updates: PS Vita will automatically download designated game demos and game updates, and also download system software updates.
  • Automatic Trophy sync: PS Vita will automatically start up at a designated time to sync Trophy information across PlayStation Network servers

There’s no word on just what games will be offered for the Vita’s “Instant Game Collection,” but hopefully it’ll be interesting and varied like the offerings available on the PS3. If i’m not mistaken, Plus is available right now for a 25% discount – meaning it’ll only cost you R366 for a year’s subscription at the moment.

Hurry though, that offer ends today.

Last Updated: September 19, 2012

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