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Playstation predictions and retrospectives appear ahead of Feb 20 event

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Kaz Hirai walked onto stage, his face beaming with a glow that could attract a legion of moths towards it. Gathered below him, dozens of eager reporters, sweaty and aroused with the notion of a Playstation 4 being announced. They stood there, waiting with baited breath as Hirai gripped the microphone with a grip that showed the world how he won the 1997 thumb-wrestling tournament. Hirai opened his mouth. The audience gasped hard enough to suck the face off of some nearby squirrels. “Ladies and gentlemen”, Hirai began with. “I give to you the Playstation 4… point 2 firmware update!”.

Jokes aside, that scenario will most likely play out. Sony is hinting at something. Something that has grabbed a few new retrospectives on their Playstatyion 1, 2 and 3 consoles. See for yourself below.

If ever there was a push to get a PS4 announced, then I couldn’t think of a better lead up so far. Especially with the way that documentary 3 classes the PS3 as a previous success story. Meanwhile, famed guesstimator Michael Pachter believes that a price cut is on the horizon for the current-gen console. Speaking to Games Industry International, the Wedbush analyst predicted a “February 21” reveal on that, saying that the console will most likely retail in the $199 mark, something that Microsoft would copy by slashing the price of the Xbox 360 as well by E3.

It does make sense though. Because every time that Sony has introduced some new hardware or a new iteration of what is currently available, they’ve gone and slashed recommended retail prices on existing models and consoles. But I’m merely predicting this. See? Guesstimations, easier than John Edwards cold-reading techniques.

Don’t forget, the big Playstation announcement is scheduled for tomorrow. Or the wee hours of Wednesday morning. CURSE YOU PACIFIC TIME ZONES!

Last Updated: February 18, 2013

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