PlayStation sale slashes prices on critically acclaimed games

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Selling like hot cakes

A few times a year, Steam has their massive sales and causes PC gamers’ backlogs of games to grow. Console and handheld gamers generally pay more for games and therefore have smaller backlogs, at least in theory. However, with this new PlayStation sale, it’s a good time to build your console backlog.

There is a massive sale on Vita games, as well as a general price cut on PS3 and PS4 games. Check out some of the titles that we’d recommend you grab for a steal. Also, a bunch of these games are even cheaper with PS Plus – yet another reason it’s an awesome program.

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) = R218
  • Battlefield 4 Premium Edition (PS4) = R429 (R386 with PS+)
  • Shadow of Mordor Legion Edition (PS4) = R469
  • The Evil Within (PS4) = R499
  • Killzone Shadow Fall and Season Pass Budle (PS4) = R369 (R332.10 with PS+)
  • Batman Arkham Collection (PS3) = R369 (R332.10 with PS+)
  • Child of Light Bundle (PS3+PS4) = R99 (R89.10 with PS+)
  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS Vita) = R218 (R196.20 with PS+)
  • Tearaway (PS Vita) = R149 (R134.10 with PS+)

There are a whole bunch of other games on sale, too, so be sure to head on over to the PlayStation store and load up on all the games that were previously too expensive. At least this price cut should get us through the usual early-year drought for new games. Destiny is even on sale, although I’m not sure the price is quite where I’d need it to be to pick up the game.

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Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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