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Sony’s Vita TV allowed Japanese users to play Vita games right on their TV’s, by including a slot for the things in its little microconsole hardware. It’s also a PS4 remote play extender. Now that’s it’s coming to the west, it’s been rebranded as the PlayStation TV. I want one, but mostly so that I can use it as a way to remote play My PS4 games on my monitor while the wife watches whatever nonsense she’s currently watching and hogging up the TV.

Beyond that, there’s very little reason that I can think to want one. Unfortunately, with The Vita being tied to an account, and the Vita memory card only allowing one account per card it means I can’t use it for both Netflix and remote play without switching cards.

I’m just not sure there’ll be enough set-top box features on the thing when tied to a local PSN account, as I currently have. Still, I want one, because reasons. Here’s Sony; doing their best to explain why you want one too.


It’s coming next month, and according to local PlayStation PR, we will be getting the thing, we just have no idea when – or how much it’ll cost. I’ve been using remote play more and more lately, and with the ability to actually use a proper control pad, this thing definitely belongs in my house

Last Updated: October 1, 2014

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