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Please vote for us in the SA Blog Awards

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There we go, straight forward and simple headline.

We the staff of Lazygamer would dearly love to win the SA Blog Awards and as such we need your vote…. okay that’s not entirely true.

We do need your vote to get into the finals of the SA Blog Awards but we don’t have a consensus on whether we want to win or not. You see the awards have previously appeared to be as corrupt as Malema’s family trust and the usual winners are small (interesting) blogs from Cape Town while the big players in the industry are completely and utterly ignored.

Not to mention that even though gaming is a massive blogging industry in SA there still isn’t a gaming category and we’ve had to straddle both Entertainment and Technology which means we’re up against B-list celebs and corporate blogs with massive persuasion altering budgets.

So to try and alter this we’re trying to get ourselves into the final where we can be thrust into the massively awkward experience of having to mingle with the very same people I’m accusing of being corrupt or at best incompetent.

So if you think Lazygamer is an awesome site that deserves some recognition then please click the badge below and vote for us.

Or if you would love to put me in a massively awkward situation then click the badge below and vote for us.

SA Blog Awards Badge or SA Blog Awards Badge

Both badges do the same thing it just looked dumb with only one on the page.

When you vote you are going to receive a confirmation email, I’ve been told by numerous people that they haven’t received the confirmation email so if that happens please check your junk mail folder and try again.

Then let us know in the comments below so that we can continue to abuse the people behind the awards.. I wonder if any Cape Tonian sites have had problems with missing confirmation emails #tinfoilhat

Oh and please get your Aunt, Uncle, dog and best friends to vote as well. Each extra vote you get us will give you a better chance of winning that Ultimate MW3 Care Package… okay no it won’t. But do it anyway.

*I’m not buying you a house, I can’t believe I even needed to asterisk that

Last Updated: November 8, 2011

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