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Poke Radar is another service that’ll help you track down missing Pokémon

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Poke Radar

Remember PokéMapper, the website I told you all about last week that would supposedly help you track down missing Pokémon? Turns out it’s the biggest load of crap! I mean, it said there was a Dragonite just east of Madagascar, right there in the middle of the ocean, so I swam all that way the other day, and would you believe it, there was nothing but water to be found!

In all seriousness though, PokéMapper does have some annoying issues. I spent a fair chunk of time pinning down my Pokémon findings for others to benefit from my example, only to return the following day to see that all my hard work had mysteriously vanished. I know I’m not the only one who had this problem.

On top of this, PokéMapper works in a way that’s just a little too easy for some to exploit it for trolling purposes. Who put that Dragonite out in the middle of the ocean for example? An asshole, that’s who!

Anyways, what I want in my life is a service that doesn’t have room for that sort of annoyance or error. I need something that’s far more stringent with the placing of Pokémon locations. A new app called Poke Radar seems to fit that requirement perfectly (via Lifehacker).

Poke Radar is identical to PokéMapper in the sense that allows you to have an idea of where to find certain Pokémon. The key difference however, is how those locations are placed (the interface is much better t0o). You see, you can’t just open the app (or website) and drop potential Pokémon locations willy-nilly. You actually have to be at the spot you’re marking. Granted, this system won’t eliminate trolling and such entirely, but I do feel that people are less inclined to swim to the middle of the ocean just to lay down false information, know what I mean?

I’m going to give Poke Radar a go later, and hopefully, find Pokémon I don’t have already. How’s your hunting been going? Got any cool locations you’re willing to share? Also, what do you think of apps like Poke Radar? Do you make use of them, or do you find them completely useless?

Last Updated: July 19, 2016

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