PokeMMOn: Would you play a Pokemon MMO?

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I get it, Pokemon is popular. Not just popular, but ridiculously popular. So much merchandise, TV series, and a huge variety of games! However, there is now a new browser MMORPG game that is surging in popularity. The list of “amazing features” go on and on, but here is a select sample:

  • More than 100 items that you can use both in and out of battles
  • No daily limitations that force you to buy items with real money
  • 20+ different starter monsters, each with 3 stages
  • 7 different monster classes: starter, regular, superior, emissary, zenith, legendary, ancient – make the game more challenging
  • Use varied transformation methods to make your monsters more powerful


Now, before I get the rage of the uniquely zealous Pokemon community, an important notice – this game is Pokemon based, but involves original artwork and design from artists on DeviantArt. This helps to bring new ideas and environments to life, but may alienate some Pokemon purists. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Looks far too complicated for me, but maybe that’s because I wasn’t a child obsessed with “breeding” or “collecting them all” – really would have messed with my OCD.

Last Updated: May 2, 2013

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