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Pokemon coming to save the Wii U?

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As we know, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be coming to the 3DS later this year, but a new video has people wondering if there aren’t signs of a Pokemon Wii U on the horizon. If so, could we finally see a title capable of saving the ailing console?

An HD image at the end of a Pokemon retrospective video certainly hints at something. Here is the video, the image is visible right at the end (2:12):

For those who can’t or won’t watch the video, it shows Pikachu traversing through a landscape of screens and devices, passing the Pokemon starters from each generation. At the end, he looks forward to two screens, one for Pokemon X and one for Pokemon Y. There is a brief pause, followed by an HD image of Lucario and Blaziken facing off.

And here is the image:

Considering the HD-ness, it is unclear if this is a CGI movie in the making, or if we can expect a Wii U game. Looking closely, we can see a barrier, implying that this is some kind of battle. However, the environment almost looks like it could be very high definition augmented reality. It is still too soon to tell what exactly we’re looking at, but it certainly has gotten the Pokemon community into a tizzy.

Maybe this is what it will take to ship units of the Wii U. I’m sure anyone who doesn’t have a 3DS when Pokemon X and Y releases will rush out to get one just to play. That is the nature of Pokemon fans. As the first Pokemon game on the 3DS, it will certainly help to boost sales. I wonder if the same wouldn’t be true of a Wii U version.

Last Updated: August 19, 2013

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