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Pokémon director “sad” at lack of originality, excess violence

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Junichi Masuda, director of Pokémon Black/White has lamented that fact that so many of this year’s games at E3 were violent, copy/paste first person shooters lacking in originality. Rich, coming from somebody who’s just released a game that’s essentially the same as the 4 games preceding it – but based on my own experiences at E3, I’d say he’s right on the money.

"This year, FPS war games were trend!! A lot of splatter scenes!! Blood spread everywhere. Shooting a lot, killing a lot," Masuda said (in beautifully broken English) on his personal blog about his E3 experience. "The game developer seems get used to ‘kill’ the target. Therefore, I felt ‘how to kill’ became a focus of developing game. For that reason, target become zombie and alien…" he added. "These targets’ savage attack and human counterattacks… It became savage contents and you never know. Mmm… It is the player who choose the game to play, “ he continued, adding that  “As a game creator, it is little sad!" "Majority of the games look like a same game," Masuda said of games’ similarity. "There were little of original games. I felt a sense of crisis with above part."

Beyond a few exceptions, I’d agree with him. Muchof what I saw at E3 was generic FPS after generic FPS – but as he stated, it seems to be driven by customer choice; people seem to be spending most of the gaming money on the same games, over and over again.

Source : Siliconera

Last Updated: July 28, 2011

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