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Pokémon Sun and Moon already has a strategy guide on the way

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BACK IN THE DAY, we never always had access to an infinite repository of FAQs and YouTube walkthroughs for our games. No, we had to go through hell to understand how to get through our games. We had to use ancient methods, such as putting carbon to papyrus and communicating in real life at the schoolyards with each other as we exchanged tips and strategies. Lemme tell ya, Port Elizabeth was a wild place way back in 2015 as faqs ran wild and walkthroughs ruled the streets.

These days, things are a bit easier. If you’re ever stuck on a level, you can always call up a solution right then and there on your smartphone. Or you can wait for a numpty to put together a comprehensive guide for you. And that’s great stuff. But obviously terrible for any publishing company who made a living off of selling actual physical video game guides.

There’s still a charm to them, but they’re a dying breed. Unless these guides are for the biggest of games. Like Pokémon Sun and Moon, which already has a guide in the works for when the game launches on November 18. Because some of us really need to know just how to choose a starter Pokémon. The guide will come in two flavours, a $25 standard edition and a $40 collector’s edition that includes a pullout map and “bonus content”.


And it’ll probably tell you how to do acquire all the Technical Machines, which Pokémon evolve and where to find all of those lovely mega evolution stones. Good thing the net won’t cover that, amirite? Look, I can appreciate a strategy guide, I genuinely can. But I’m also a massively cheap bastard who isn’t ready to shell out all those bucks for a printed guide that will be used and discarded within a few days.

And it’s a niche market, as far I see. One that has taken umbrage with all the information available for free. Still, if you like collecting these books and creating some kind of library, good for you. Meanwhile, I’ll be putting people out of jobs thanks to the power of Reddit.

Last Updated: May 24, 2016

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