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Pokémon Sun and Moon will feature separate day and night cycles

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What’s the difference between each core Pokémon game released every couple of years? Well one game makes Nintendo a s***-load of cash, while the other one makes them a metric f***-ton of money. But beyond the fiscal differences, each game usually features exclusive Pokémon, events and a legendary that you can’t get in the partner game.

This year however, Pokémon Sun and Moon has an even bigger difference between the two on the way: A wholly separate day and night cycle. Pokémon Sun will be clad in the eternal rays of sunshine, while Pokémon Moon will be pulling an all-nighter as the two titles take place with a 12-hour difference between the two. Which also means that certain events will play out differently, according to the latest trailer:

According to the press release which I’ve copied and pasted from below, time is going to be a very crucial factor in Pokémon Sun and Moon:

The two worlds of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moonare 12 hours apart and are tied to the actual time in real life. Pokémon Sun operates on the same time as your Nintendo 3DS system, but time in the world ofPokémon Moon is shifted by 12 hours.

Some Totem Pokémon which appear in the trials throughout the game will also be different in each version. Players will encounter different Pokémon on the same route depending on whether it is day or night, which means players will have different experiences according to their chosen version of the game.

And of course, some new Pokemon were also introduced:

Type: Null


Type: Normal

Type: Null is a Synthetic Pokémon which was constructed to synthesize the strengths of various Pokémon, making it adaptable enough to complete a mission that requires a Pokémon as strong as the Pokémon of mythology. The mask fitted to this Pokémon’s head is a piece of equipment designed to control its power.

Type: Null is the partner Pokémon of a newly revealed character—Gladion, the taciturn enforcer of Team Skull, who places a high value on being strong in battle.



Type: Dragon

The Scaly Pokémon Jangmo-o has the pride of a warrior and never neglects its training in its pursuit of becoming stronger. This Pokémon uses the scales on its head as a weapon both offensively and defensively. It lives in harsh locales, like canyons, where it can train.

Alolan Raticate

Alolan Raticate

Type: Dark/Normal

Raticate in Alola live in urban areas, leading to a higher-calorie diet than that of Raticate elsewhere. This means they have tough bodies but have gotten a lot fatter. They stockpile huge amounts of food in their nests and prefer fresh fruit and high-class ingredients.

Alolan Raticate is the Totem Pokémon of the trial that takes place in Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island in Pokémon Moon.

Oh man, that little Jangmo-o is going to be a beast when it evolves. It’s pure Dragon-type, a rarity in Pokémon games that usually create hybrid types based on that powerful species. In addition to the pocket monsters, new human cast members were also introduced. With Team Skull on a rampage, the Aether Foundation is looking to keep an eye out for any pocket critters at risk. Their team includes:



The beautiful Lusamine is the president of the Aether Foundation.



Faba can be identified by his signature accessory—green sunglasses. He is the Aether Foundation’s second-in-command.



As the assistant branch chief of Aether Paradise, Wicke has a very caring personality and supports Faba. She is loved by all of the Aether Foundation’s employees.

Now for one of the bigger changes. It’s starting to sound very likely that mega-evolutions won’t be playing a key role at all in Pokemon Sun and Moon, or even being expanded on in any way whatsoever. What is being introduced however, are new “Ultra Bests”, such as UB-01. Whose special ability may be catching babes:

Sun and Moon (2)

All over Alola, rumors speak of creatures that possess mighty powers and pose a threat to humans and Pokémon. They’re called Ultra Beasts, and there are said to be multiple Ultra Beasts in existence. It seems that the Aether Foundation is conducting research on these Ultra Beasts, referring to each of them by a code name. UB-01 is an Ultra Beast that has a body composed of a glass-like substance. It constantly changes shape, and its movements resemble that of a young girl.

Whilst evidence of something like a survival instinct can be observed in UB-01, no one knows whether it has a will of its own or any emotions at all.

All that, and photography as well. And that’s the Pokemon news for this week! Don’t forget to check out our Pokedex, which I’ve updated with the new critters teased so far. Pokemon Sun and Moon is out on November 18.

Last Updated: September 7, 2016


  1. Alolan Raticate…. Or in normal person terms.. an obese rat.


    • The D

      September 7, 2016 at 10:33

      How do you assume its species. It clearly identifies as a hamster.


      • HairyEwok

        September 8, 2016 at 08:50

        Oh i don’t know, perhaps its because the word rat is in its name XD


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