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Pokémon Sun and Moon – More info revealed for Yungoos,Pikipek and Grubbin

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Like the Carpenters once crooned, it’s only just begun. A new Pokémon Sun and Moon event was held last night at E3, a livestream that stretched even my patience to the breaking point until I finally saw what I wanted: NEW POKÉMON. Last night revealed an entire trio of the new critters, one of which I plan to name Woody when I finally capture him. The new Pokémon were only just, just glimpsed at last night outside of battle, with very few details given.

Until this morning, when Nintendo sent out official word of what exactly these new Pokémon are exactly. Words which I selected, pushed CTRL+C and then CTRL+V on below:



The first of the new Pokémon revealed is the Normal- and Flying-type Woodpecker Pokémon Pikipek, which can bore holes in trees by striking them up to 16 times per second. These strikes can do more than drill through hard wood—they can even shatter stone. Pikipek can attack distant opponents by firing seeds with enough force to embed them into the trunks of trees. This Pokémon also likes small glittering objects and will hide these amongst their food stores.



The second new Pokémon announced was the Loitering Pokémon Yungoos. This Normal-type Pokémon is known for its humongous hunger and has a terrible temper when hungry. The majority of its long body is made up of its stomach, and it is never satisfied due to its swift digestion. Trainers will encounter some Yungoos that possess an Ability no other previously discovered Pokémon has had—Stakeout. This Ability means that the Pokémon’s moves can deal twice the normal damage to any Pokémon that switches in or enters the field mid-battle.



The final Pokémon revealed was the Larva Pokémon Grubbin. This Bug-type Pokémon relies on its strong and sturdy jaws, using them as both a weapon in battle and a tool to help them burrow into the ground. Grubbin can spew sticky threads from its mouth and can wrap these threads around trees, enabling this Pokémon to swing around and become much more mobile.

Yeeeeessssssss. They’re absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to see what they evolve to. Also, Yungoos may just be my spirit animal, according to that official description. We have so much in common, it and I. Pokémon Sun and Moon is out on November 18, just in time for me to spend the rest of the year meticulously plotting how I’ll refill my Pokédex up.

Last Updated: June 15, 2016

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