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Pokémon Sun and Moon – Legendary and Ultra Beast locations guide

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Sure, Pokémon Sun and Moon has some terrific new beasts to find and catch. But the best Pokémon will always be those of a legendary persuasion. Rare, hard to catch but swimming with high stat values, legendary Pokémon are bragging rights for a generation raised on handheld pocket monsters. Here’s where you can find Pokémon Sun and Moon’s latest batch of legendaries and Ultra Beasts, along with their Pokédex entries.

Tapu Koko


This guardian deity of Melemele is brimming with curiosity. It summons thunderclouds and stores their lightning inside its body.

Location: Inside the Ruins of Conflict, you can challenge Tapu Koko after you become the Pokémon Champ.

Tapu Lele


This guardian deity of Akala is guilelessly cruel. The fragrant aroma of flowers is the source of its energy.

Location: Inside the Ruins of Life, you can challenge Tapu Lele after you become the Pokémon Champ and take a Machamp ride to it.

Tapu Bulu


It pulls large trees up by the roots and swings them around. It causes vegetation to grow, and then it absorbs energy from the growth.

Location: Inside the Ruins of Abundance, you can challenge Tapu Bulu after you become the Pokémon Champ. To get to Tapu Bulu in the Haina Desert, you’ll need to follow this route without any deviations: Up, Right, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up.

Tapu Fini


The dense fog it creates brings the downfall and destruction of its confused enemies. Ocean currents are the source of its energy.

Location: Inside the Ruins of Hope, you can challenge Tapu Fini after you become the Pokémon Champ and take a Machamp ride to it.



Its body is gaseous and frail. It slowly grows as it collects dust from the atmosphere.

Location: Can be found at the Lake of the Sunne / Lake of the Moone.



Motionless as if dead, its body is faintly warm to the touch. In the distant past, it was called the cocoon of the stars.

Location: Evolve Cosmog to level 43.



It is said to live in another world. The intense light it radiates from the surface of its body can make the darkest of nights light up like midday.

Location: Evolve Cosmoem to level 53 during the day, or visit the Altar of the Sunne.



It is said to be a female evolution of Cosmog. When its third eye activates, away it flies to another world.

Location: Evolve Cosmoem to level 53 during the day, or visit the Altar of the Moone.



Reminiscent of the Ultra Beasts, this life-form, apparently asleep underground, is thought to have come from another world in ancient times.

Location: Melemele Island, Ten Carat Hill after all Ultra Beasts have been caught.



This artificial Pokémon, constructed more than 500 years ago, can understand human speech but cannot itself speak.

Location: You’re going to need to either trade over a Magearna, or wait until December 5 for Nintendo to release a QR code to get your hands on this fella.



Able to conceal itself in shadows, it never appears before humans, so its very existence was the stuff of myth.

Location: Currently unconfirmed by the Pokemon Comapny, expect Marshadow to only be properly revealed some time in the future. No method to catch it, currently exists.

Ultra Beasts

With the main story of Pokémon Sun and Moon completed, the International Police will ask for your aid in capturing all the rogue Ultra Beasts. You’ll be given ten Beast Balls for every mission, and sent to a specific location to find them each time:

UB-01 Symbiont/Nihelego


One of several mysterious Ultra Beasts. People on the street report observing those infested by it suddenly becoming violent.

Location: Vela Mountain, Diglett Cave

UB-02 Beauty/Phermosa (Moon exclusive)


One of the Ultra Beasts. It refuses to touch anything, perhaps because it senses some uncleanness in this world.

Location: Verdant Cavern

UB-02 Absorption/Buzzwole (Sun exclusive)


This Ultra Beast appeared from another world. It shows off its body, but whether that display is a boast or a threat remains unclear.

Location: Verdant Cavern

UB-03 Lighting/Xurkitree


One of the mysterious life-forms known as Ultra Beasts. Astonishing electric shocks emanate from its entire body, according to witnesses.

Location: Memorial Hill, Lush Jungle

UB-04 Blaster/Celesteela (Moon exclusive)


One kind of Ultra Beast. Witnesses have seen it burn down a forest by expelling gas from its two arms.

Location: Haina Desert, Malie Garden

UB-04 Kartana (Sun exclusive)


This Ultra Beast came from the Ultra Wormhole. It seems not to attack enemies on its own, but its sharp body is a dangerous weapon in itself.

Location: Haina Desert, Malie Garden

UB-05 Glutton/Guzzlord


A dangerous Ultra Beast, it appears to be eating constantly, but for some reason its droppings have never been found.

Location: Resolution Cave

Last Updated: November 22, 2016


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