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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon – Where to find every Z Crystal

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Z crystals (1)

If Pokémon X and Y’s Mega-Evolutions invited comparisons to Dragon Ball Z’s never-ever-truly final forms, then Sun and Moon’s introduction of Z-Moves were the hammer that slammed the nails of that influence squarely into place. The ultimate attacks of many a pocket monster, Z-Moves allowed players to hurl entire mountains at their opposition or conduct an aria of pain on anyone unlucky enough to cross their path.

While each Pokémon-type had a dedicated Z Crystal, some Pokémon even had a special attack boost dedicated to their species. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon continues that idea, with a few new Z crystals thrown into the mix. Here’s where you can find all of them. They’re the best, and unlike that stint I spent at a homeopathic hospital, they actually work.

Aloraichium Z (Alolan Raichu Thunderbolt upgrade)

  • Location: Seafolk Village

Buginium Z

  • Location: Shady House

Darkinium Z

  • Location: Malie City

Decidium Z – (Decidueye Spirit Shackle upgrade)

  • Location: Iki Town , Malie Garden

Dragonium Z

  • Location: Vast Poni Canyon

Eevium Z (Eeevee Last Resort upgrade cut my life into pieces this is my last resort suffocation no breathing)

  • Location: Royal Avenue

Electrium Z

  • Location: Hokulani Observatory

Fairium Z

  • Location: Seafolk Village

Fightinium Z

  • Location: Iki Town

Firium Z

  • Location: Wela Volcano Park

Flyinium Z

Location: Ten Carat Hill

Ghostium Z

Location: Route 14

Grassium Z

Location: Lush Jungle

Groundium Z

Location: Exeggutor Island

Icium Z

Location: Mount Lanakila

Incinium Z (Incineroar Darkest Lariat upgrade)

Location: Iki Town , Malie Garden

Kommonium Z (Kommo-o Clanging Scales upgrade)

Location: Plains Grotto

Lunalium Z (Lunala Moongeist Beam upgrade)

Location: Mahalo Trail, Lake of the Sunne

Lycanium Z (Lycanroc Stone Edge upgade)

Location: Malie City

Marshadium Z (Marshadow Spectral Thief upgrade)

Location: Heahea City

Mewnium Z (Mew Psychic upgrade)

Location: Heahea City

Mimikium Z (Mimikyu Play Rough upgrade)

Location: Thrifty Megamart

Normalium Z

Location: Verdant Cavern

Pikanium Z (Pikachu Volt Tackle upgrade)

Location: Hano Grand Resort

Pikashunium Z (Pikachu Thunderbolt upgrade)

Location: Pikachu Valley

Poisonium Z

Location: Ancient Poni Path

Primarium Z (Primarina Sparkling Aria upgrade)

Location: Iki Town , Malie Garden

Psychium Z

Location: Haina Desert

Rockium Z

Location: Ruins of Life

Snorlium Z (Snorlax Giga Impact upgrade)

Location: Heahea City

Solganium Z (Solgaleo Sunsteel Strike upgrade)

Location: Lake of the Moone, Mahalo Trail

Steelium Z

Location: Mount Hokulani

Tapunium Z (Tapu’s Nature’s Madness upgrade)

Location: Ruins of Conflict

Ultranecrozium Z (Necrozama fusion requirement)

Location: Mount Lanakila

Waterium Z

Location: Brooklet Hill

Z crystals (2)

Last Updated: November 20, 2017

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