Pretty much all the cool pocket monsters in Pokémon X and Y are getting mega-evolutions. One Pokémon that isn’t bitch-slapping Darwinian theories though? Series mascot Pikachu. Or is it?

Over on the Bulbagarden forums (Via NeoGAF), this little bit of news got translated:

Tsunekazu Ishihara (the president of the Pokémon Company) will appear on Japanese TV on October 28th. The synopsis of the interview mentions an unprecedented game whose development started this summer. The game is said to change Pikachu, and Ishihara is worried about how the change will affect Pikachu’s popularity. More details should be revealed via the interview.

Japanese fans are speculating that said change may be Mega Pikachu. This is certainly a possibility, even though Mega Evolution is generally reserved for fully evolved Pokémon. It is also possible that the game in question will be compatible with XY, and thus Pikachu’s change could be carried over to these games.

A mega-evolution certainly make sense. Pikachu has been around for ages now, and while seeing it power up into a new form would be an interesting twist, it makes sense for another part of the Pokémon franchise: The anime. Plus, I wouldn’t be too surprised to find the infrastructure for a secret, unrevealed mega-evolution waiting inside of X and Y.

That, and I really want a Pikachu: Electric Boogaloo 2 game.

If this rumour does pan out, I’m fully expecting to see it used as a new plot device –  and with the Pokémon X and Y anime airing soon, I’d put easy money on this being the reason why Pikachu is possibly getting that change.

Last Updated: October 9, 2013

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