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PopCap unveil Plants vs. Zombies Heroes – a new mobile card game

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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

I’ve got a real soft spot for the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. It stems from my varsity days. During particularly boring lectures, instead of laying my head down to sleep, I’d defend my garden instead. Needless to say, I sunk many, many hours into Plants vs. Zombies, both 1 and 2.

That was a good few years ago though. Today, somehow, I’ve completely missed the new approach the franchise took with both Garden Warfare titles. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never been drawn in by the third-person shooting, even though it looks like a ton of fun (and is too, according to Darryn). I think what I yearn for really, is more mobile gaming from this franchise.

As luck would have it, that’s exactly the platform PopCap are focusing on again. We’re not getting a new tower defense game though. What we are getting instead, is a brand new card game called Plants vs. Zombies Heroes (via Destructoid):

It’s the lawn of a new battle! Plants vs. Zombies Heroes mobile lets you collect and choose from hundreds of characters across the PvZ Universe in this epic collectible card game that takes you beyond the backyard.

With over a dozen Heroes and hundreds of characters available to play and collect at launch, we’re bringing dozens of new characters to PvZ alongside many of the classics you already know and love. Pick your favorite Hero, assemble your team, and use your heroic skills to outwit your opponents in battle.

Given that there are so many wacky and wonderful characters in this franchise, I think Plants vs. Zombies Heroes will be a pretty sweet card game with lots to collect. I would love to get my hands on it!

Unfortunately, it’s not available just yet. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is only available in select territories at the moment, but will be releasing worldwide at a later stage.

Will you be getting it when it launches? Does Plants vs. Zombies Heroes appeal to you at all? I wonder how it’ll fare against the likes of Hearthstone.

Last Updated: March 11, 2016


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