Popular Science Awards PlayStation Move, Dismisses Kinect

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For a so-called “core gamer” who regularly makes fun of motion-controlled gaming, I’ve certainly gotten caught up in it. I have a Wii (with motion plus!), Playstation Move and I’ve recently acquired Microsoft’s Kinect.

While I must admit that I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with Kinect – having a family and all – the one motion-controller that captured my imagination as a “core” gamer would be PlayStation Move. Print magazine Popular Science agrees, and has honoured it as one of the “Best of What’s New awards for 2010.”

The magazine’s December edition called Sony’s Camera and accelerometer based peripheral "the first motion-capture game system accurate enough to attract the hardcore gamers who consider the Wii and Microsoft Kinect to be kids’ stuff." It won the award for "Most immersive game controller."

Unfortunately (as with Kinect), early adopters of the tech have found that the software has yet to catch up. I’m bored to death of Sport Champions, and there’s little else available right now that interests me. When’s Sorcery coming, then?

Check out the list of 100 products that got the PopSci accolade here.

Last Updated: November 25, 2010

Geoffrey Tim

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