Pornhub’s 2014 gaming console traffic

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Thanks to all the new apps on the new generation consoles, we’re getting a lot more insight into what they do on those devices other than play games. We laughed at Xbox users lasting longer and wondered if PlayStation users even had time to play games. Now the final assessment from PornHUB is in.

According to the final statistics for 2014, most gamers leveled up their porn viewing on PlayStation or Xbox consoles, grabbing 40% and 45.7% respectively. I’m just surprised by how much people are using their handhelds to view their smut – it seems to be a niche extra market for the Vita. Here’re their findings in pretty graph form:

Pornhub 2014 stats

I love how they even tracked how major TV events had an effect on viewership. Game of Thrones’ season finale lead to a 7% decrease in porn viewing and I’m wondering how major game releases affect things, too. Most of the wankers were too busy playing Titanfall when it launched, right? Right? Oh, never mind.

Consoles certainly are for more than just gaming. I use my PS3 primarily as a Netflix device and it seems that if I get an Xbox it should be used for porn. Of course, the stats are across the generations, so I wonder if people are telling their Xbones to go to PornHUB or if they’re still doing it old school on the 360. It does make me giggle to think that people are using their consoles for this, but I suppose it makes sense – they have increasingly become PCs.

Are you surprised by which console owners spend the most time indulging in viewing pleasure, or did you know all along where people got their rocks off?

Last Updated: January 8, 2015

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